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About Me Wildly in Love


My Life

I’ll keep this brief for everyone’s sake!

I’ve been a photography lover since 2002 when I was bought a camera, ironically a gift that I didn’t really want.  However, I soon became obsessed with my little 3-megapixel gizmo as it opened up a whole new world to me, even what was right on my doorstep.  I went on to study Documentary Photography and gained my BA Hons, before setting sail and travelling to Australia and New Zealand for a few years.

I now live with my wife and children on Exmoor in Somerset.  We did the city living for a bit and we’ve now run for the hills.  I love new experiences, except for when it comes to food, I’m not a foodie!  I have a nasty habit of going deep on conversations too quickly, but I guess life is too short to just discuss the weather the whole time.  I love quotes and new ideas.  Did I mention I like photography?

My current hobbies are: film photography and kiteboarding.  I have a dark sense of humour and I’m a massive fan of Kill Tony.  I also drink coffee, own a dog and a cat, watch movies, drink water, like beer and all the other seemingly irrelevant things that people feel the need to share.

My Photography

I am a photographer who photographs weddings.  I have pursued photography for over 20 years and continue to bore my wife and family to death by talking about it, asking them to stop so I can take a picture and generally being obsessive about it.  I do it because I love it.  I love the process and I love the result, I love meeting people and engaging with them through my work.  I love showing someone a photo of themselves and seeing their reaction.  I love looking at other photographers’ work and I love experimenting with what the medium can offer.  I LOVE photography!

Am I passionate about meeting people, yes.  I think that other people’s lives are fascinating which is why I studied documentary photography.  Do I attend weddings that I’ve been hired for with the goal of being your best mate, no!  I approach the day the same as any other social situation (work or not), with an open mind and heart and the intention of learning more about the people I meet, being friendly and approachable.  However, at your wedding, I’m there as a professional and my focus (no pun intended) is on creating the best work for both you and me.

The fact that the work is for me is equally important in the equation as I am constantly striving to be better.  I don’t want to follow the usual criteria and formula when approaching a wedding.  I want to be the best and the by-product of that is creating work that you will love.  I am constantly investing in myself and my business so that I can continue to grow.  As my coach says “Ok is not enough!”.  I’m also a natural worrier and I worry about what people think and this applies heavily to my work, because if you don’t like your photographs, then I have failed at my job and at my passion.  So, at every single wedding the bar is set to its highest notch; it’s a wonder I have any hair left!

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