How I Work

Stress Free, Natural Photography For Your Big Day

My style is to get out of the way and let you have fun. Find creativity while capturing the fleeting moments of your day. Most importantly, as a wedding photographer, I want to make you feel relaxed. Photographing weddings is my passion for several reasons; firstly, they involve people, photographing people is my obsession, everyone is unique and has a story to tell and I love to hear them. Secondly, weddings are joyous events, and for a good reason! Friends and family get together to celebrate love, that mythical feeling that has fascinated humans for as long as we have been around (perhaps?!).

Lastly, being given the responsibility of documenting a once in a lifetime event is an absolute pleasure. Weddings are very personal events filled with emotion, no other “staff” at the wedding get quite as involved as the wedding photographer does, so to be chosen to fulfil that role is a tremendous privilege. If I didn’t have bills to pay, then I would do wedding photography for free, as I find it deeply fulfilling.

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Getting to Know You

Photographing weddings is a really personal thing, so getting to know one another is really helpful.  Knowing someone lets you take better photographs of them.

Essentially, I don’t just want to turn up to the wedding of two people I don’t really know that well, shoot some photos and dash home. I get invested in my couples so that the work I produce actually means something and creates lasting photography. Aside from anything else, the stories that my couples have are absolutely amazing, hilarious, unexpected and brilliant. It’s one of the many things that makes wedding photography so interesting.

Where possible I love to meet you in person for a pre-wedding shoot.  This allows us to get to know each other, it gets you used to be photographed and it gives you a professional set of photos outside of your wedding, which most people don’t have!

If we can’t meet in person due to our schedules or distance, then a Zoom meeting is the next best thing!  A month before your wedding you will receive an in-depth questionnaire that provides me with all of the information I require on your wedding day.

Couples are always welcome to ask me about anything wedding related!  Over the years of shooting weddings, I have built up a wealth of knowledge on most things wedding-related , including the best suppliers in the industry.  If I can help, then I would love to!

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoots not only allow us to meet ahead of time, but they also allow you to get used to the process of being photographed.  You will love your photos and realise that it’s not that bad!  If there is any stress about being photographed at your wedding, then it will be gone by the time the shoot is over.

The other bonus is that you get a professional set of photos of the two of you in your regular attire, something that many people don’t have!

westward Ho wedding
Somerset wedding photographer

The Night Before

If you have looked at my packages then you will have noticed that I stay locally the night before your wedding, there is a good reason for this!  The most common cry for help that I see from other wedding photographers is when they are stuck in traffic or have broken down on the way to a wedding, there’s not a lot you can do in that situation and it’s a horrible predicament to be in, for the photographer AND the clients.

As a result, I opt to stay locally the night before the wedding.  It removes the majority of the biggest risks involved with failing to arrive at a wedding and also means I’m suitably fresh to be on top form for your wedding.

The Big Day

So, it’s the day of your wedding! This is where all that preparation finally comes into play. From the moment I arrive until the moment I leave, I’m always on the move looking for the next shot to take, there’s so much to capture, so I like to stay busy! The main timings will be in place, the rest of the time I will be working to get those great background photos that tie everything together and tell your story.  We will have discussed the best times for shots ahead of the wedding, the best way to capture the group shots and all of the other need to know tips, so that on the day, the photography is not a distraction.

bride by window
field wedding photography

Family Photos & Couple’s Shots

Group photos are important, but you don’t want them to take the bulk of your time. My advice is to keep them to a minimum, for everyone’s sake!  We will discuss the group photos ahead of your wedding so that we can structure the groups to make them as quick and easy as possible.  I totally understand that they are an important part of the day for many couples, so I do take them.

The couple’s shots are an opportunity for you both to get away from the crowd and take a moment to yourselves, take in the fact that you are now married and go for a wander.  If you’ve had a pre-wedding shoot with me, you will know that there’s nothing to be worried about and the 15 minutes spent away from the party is totally worth it!

Drone Photography

If you want to add a unique perspective to your photos and capture your venue and its surroundings, then adding drone photography to your package might be an option for you.

Drone photos really allow you to relive your wedding in quite a unique way.  Obviously, you want to remember the laughter and tears with your friends and family, but the weather, the landscape and your surroundings also invoke emotive memories and are all special to your wedding day.

devon wedding photography
wedding at tunnels beaches Ilfracombe

After the Party

Once the confetti has settled and the dance floor cleared, the editing begins!  I aim to get the photos to you within 8 weeks. The photos will be shared through a secure online album that you can share with your friends and family.  From here you can download your images, order prints or, if you have opted for an album, start choosing your favourite photos before we start designing your bespoke wedding album.

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