Suppliers Usage

If you are reading this then you are obviously one of the suppliers for a wedding I’ve shot at! As a wedding supplier myself, I appreciate how much time and effort goes into running a business and I believe, more so now than ever, that we should be supporting other businesses in the wedding industry.

I love spreading the word about other wedding suppliers on my social channels and I ask all my couples to let me know the details of who they use so that I can do just that, what I also do is contact suppliers directly so that they can hopefully benefit from the photos that I have taken. All I ask is that the favour is returned…

If you would like to use my photos then, please do the following:

1: Please don’t change the photo size or appearance in any way. This includes not applying filters (definitely no B&W) and/or crops (use landscape on Instagram not square).

2: Leave a clear mention with redirection to where my work can be found in the caption. Do not bury this in the hashtags on Instagram or in a comment attached to the post on Facebook.

3: Photos used on websites must backlink to when clicked on, if there is a caption mentioning us then you get bonus points!

Redirection Credits To Use

Website/Any Other:

Instagram: @wildly_in_love_photography

Facebook: @WildlyInLove

Would you like to use my photographs in third party media adverts? Yes? Then I’m afraid it’ll cost you.

I charge a nominal fee of £35 per photograph for use in as many articles/advertising campaigns as you’d like. Should you wish to use multiple photographs then I’ll offer a discount so get in touch and we can talk numbers. N.B. This fee is also payable in the event that photographs are used and not appropriately credited.